GIS assignment week 13

This week in GIS we learned how to georeference data using the Control Points tool and distribute control points, Georeference an unknown raster image of the campus to known vector data (i.e. buildings & roads), digitize new building and road features , create hyperlinks in ArcGIS to data stored on a personal drive, create Multiple Ring Buffers and customize an ArcMap toolbar. These maps are of the Buildings and Roads of UWF the top map also show Eagle Nest Protection Areas.


GIS Lab Assignment week 12

This week in GIS lab we learned how to create an address locator, conduct geocoding by address matching, resolve common geocoding issues, complete a route analysis using Network Analyst extension and analyze data created by a model. The map shows Lake County, FL EMS station sites.


GIS Lab Assignment Week 10

For this weeks lab we learned how to define and use two of the most common modeling tools in ArcGIS: buffer and overlay and to create a script in ArcPy to run the buffer tool. We also learned how to analyze vector data using spatial queries and to identify the 6 overlay operations available and recall when to use each. This map shows the potential camping areas between West:-89.133191, North: 31.101625, East: -88.898345, South: 30.908679.


GIS Assignment Week 9

This week we learned how to make queries and spatial attribute tables. The map shown has risk drainage, parcels nearby, superact wells, drainage basins, cellular towers, streets, city limits, hydrology and schools and hospitals. This helped show the spatial relationships between features within layers. 



For this weeks lab we had to download data for a specific county we were given in class. We were able to make three different maps anyway we would like. I chose to Make maps that show the locations of the Madison county habit conservation areas and invasive species, Madison county school Parcels, and a map on the elevation of Madison county. For these maps I learned how to download different data that I would need to make maps about a specific area. I liked having the freedom to make the maps the way I wanted to even though it was the first time I made a map for this class with almost no direction.


GIS Lab Assignment 6

This week we learned how to reproject data to make sure everything lines up. It was a struggle, life was a struggle. It is all a struggle. 


GIS Lab Assignment 5

This weeks lab we learned how to do projection comparisons between differnt counties in Florida. This was a little more challenging since there wasn't to much direction.